To save you the hassle of pre-planning your meals and grocery shopping, you are welcome to add a food package with your accommodation at time of booking or after booking if you prefer.


Simply select your meals below and we will stock the kitchen with fresh ingredients prior to your arrival. You will find step-by-step recipe cards with your selected meals in your dome.

Minimum 1 week advance order. All prices are exclusive of GST.



Cooked Breakfast Basket

Bacon, eggs, mushrooms, spinach, toast, baked beans and tomatoes. Serves 1.


A selection of Woolworths deli soups, with crusty bread/dinner rolls. Serves 1.

Classic Light & Fluffy Pancakes

With seasonal fruit, maple syrup and icing sugar. Makes 7 pancakes.

Light & Fluffy Scrambled Eggs & Bacon

Lightly whisked eggs and cream, seasoned with salt and pepper, served with sourdough toast and crispy bacon on the side.Serves 1.


  • Ham and cheese on sourdough

  • Crispy streaky bacon with tomato and cheese on Sourdough, or

  • Salami with onion and tomato and cheese on Sourdough

Serves 1.


Spaghetti Bolognese

Lean minced beef slow cooked in a red wine tomato based garlic sauce, seasoned with mixed herbs and served on a bed of spaghetti. Serves 2.

Chicken Cacciatore with Creamy Mashed Potato

Chicken drumsticks, slow cooked in a white wine and creamy tomato garlic sauce with black olives, fresh basil and parsley served with creamy mashed potatoes. Serves 2.

Barbequed Pork Belly with Steamed Rice

Slow cooked Pork Belly in a barbeque sauce served with steamed rice. Serves 2.

Massaman Beef Curry & Steamed Rice

Slow cooked mild Massaman Thai beef curry, cooked in a coconut fish sauce with peanuts, onions and potatoes and served on a bed of steamed rice. Serves 2.

Scotch Fillet with Baked Potato

Barbecued scotch fillet steak, served with a potato baked in its jacket lashed with sour cream and a serving of brocolini and carrots. Serves 1.


Seasonal Fruit Basket

A variety of the best fresh fruit in season.

Gourmet Basket

A selection of exquisite treats from world-class gourmet food producers including flavorsome cheeses, lavish crackers, mouth-watering chocolates, olives, semi-dried tomatoes, sweet biscuits and more!


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