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Our wish is to provide energy efficient geodesic domes for you to experience first class comfort and luxury with minimal carbon footprint.

Each dome built for 2 guests is light-filled and airy, with flourishes of custom-made rustic timber furniture by WMDesigns, a luxurious king size four poster bed, ensuite, outdoor bath and plunge pool and an open plan living and kitchen area.

Faraway Domes is about high-tech modular living for the 21st century. Our domes are built to withstand the tough elements of the Australian outback.

“Geodesic domes are the strongest, most energy efficient structure known to man.” — Pacific Domes, Inc.

Similar dome structures have been built all around the world in various climates due to the ability to create natural heating and cooling. 

Enormous efforts have been made to reduce the domes impact on the environment, including the establishment of the eco-friendly septic system and “off the grid” power supply.

Set in idyllic bush surroundings miles away from civilisation, you can enjoy elevated views over the valley and wildlife at your doorstep.

Sometimes there are spots that are so special, we really do wonder if we should tell the world about them – but we love Faraway Domes so much we just can’t keep it to ourselves!

Four hundred kilometres south west of Brisbane’s CBD on an easterly facing ridgeline lies Faraway Domes.

Faraway Domes might be further away than other retreats but therein lies its charm. Unlike many other retreats that are situated in coastal hinterland regions or on the scenic rim of metropolitan cities, Faraway Domes is nestled amongst the bushland of leafy trees and undulating hills on our private 9,000 acre property. You can  experience the true outback seasonal conditions that country farmers and graziers encounter all year round.

Faraway Domes isolation means that, aside from your fellow guests, you’ll encounter no other tourists and, as the owners will tell you, it is more authentic!

We are sure that from the moment you arrive at Faraway Domes you will feel at ease and ready to immerse yourself in the tranquil surroundings.

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